Reality vs. Fantasy

Hey guys! This is my first article in a long time! I've been thinking about this topic for a long time and thought 'Hey! Why not make an article about it?' So let's get started!

What is 'reality'? What does it really mean? From what I've seen, reality is not just what we see around us, what we see in front of us and what we understand.

People all live in their own 'reality', no one really lives in the same reality as another person. What I mean is that, even though we live in the same universe, we don't all see the same things. We see the world differently from other people.

Some people aren't as secure as others, leaving doors and windows wide open. Others like to keep doors and windows locked by several different locks, then shoving a truck load of cement behind it to stop something that probably won't happen. Some people believe in live beyond Earth, others say 'Nah, how would it possible for something to live on another planet?' Or 'How can the Earth be round if I can see only straight ground?' Some believe in their own religion, others reject it.

We all like to live in our own worlds, we feel better in our own space. That's part of the reason why people act the way they do, they see things in their world differently to the way you see it in yours. You might see Green as a great looking colour, but another person thinks that black is a better colour because of the way they see their world and how they think it works. Peoples' worlds can be highly influenced by the way they are treated and thought throughout their lives. They can sometimes live a happier live, but live in a much poorer world. Some richer people buy everything for their kids, but that teaches them that they can get anything they want for as long as they live. That's the way they see it in their own world. And because of this, they get hurt dramatically when things don't work in the way they thought it was.

In the end, the way you treat someone can have a great influence in the way they see the world and how they treat others. Be careful of the way you treat people, one day you might regret it.

The World of Drawf Planets

As long as I've been alive, I've always been interested in science and technology. That one day lead me to seeing a world beyond Earth, and I liked it!

I've always liked looking at other planets and stars. My only reason for not looking at them more often is that I don't have a decent enough telescope to really have a good look at them.

So let's have a look at some of the more commonly known things about our own solar system:

•There are 8 known planets in our solar system.
•Pluto was demoted to Dwarf Planet.

•We are on the third planet from the sun.

•There is an asteroid belt in between Mars (forth planet from the sun) and Jupiter (Fifth planet from the sun).

•Everything in our solar system revolves around the sun.

Something that not too many people know is that there are actually 2 Dwarf Planets. There's Pluto, but there's also Eris.

Eris and Pluto are at nearly the exact same size, however, Eris has more mass, since it's made up of denser matter.

Eris only has one known moon, Dysnomia, whereas Pluto has five known moons, Charon, Nix, Kerberos, Styx and Hydra.

Both Pluto and Eris orbit the sun, but Eris is usually much further out than Pluto, although they are both very far from our sun. They both intercept Neptune's Orbit and Pluto has a much rounder orbit, where Eris has a much less rounder orbit.

If you already knew about Eris, I wouldn't be suprrised, but not too many people I know actually knew about Eris.

As for the rest of the Solar System, there are many different things I can say about many things within it, but let's leave that for another article.

Television is bad for you!

Well, not necessarily.

If you sit in front of the TV all day long, from 8am to 8pm, you won't have enough time for other important things. But what are some of the good things about watching TV? Well, if you watch the appropriate shows, you can keep up to date with current affairs, learn new things, or just entertain yourself a bit.

Some of the shows for keeping up to date are mainly just news channels and such. Other programs, such as documentaries and some kids' shows, would teach people new things. (Just try to avoid watching the same one two or three times...) But don't forget to watch that movie every once in a while.

television is one of the biggest entertainment sources in the world. On average, people in the US alone watch about 5+ hours watching TV. Now lets put it perspective. You need about 8 hours of sleep each day, leaving you 16 hours of the day left, you wake up at 7am, need to be at school by 9am, finish school about 6 hours later, that leaves you with about 8 hours left of the day (assuming you used the whole two hours between 7am and 9am to sleep in or get ready, etc.). Now tale away the 5 hours of television, you have 3 hours left. Now you can spend that time making food, getting ready for bed, cleaning up, etc.

I guess we all have enough time for that, right? Well, it's suggested that, if you watch television, that you spend just enough time to watch a show or two that you'd like to watch and not stay up until 5am before going to sleep.

Some of the bad side of watching too much TV are that you're just sitting there and you're not getting any exercise, your kids (and maybe you) might get violent by watching violent shows, like Breaking Bad, Dexter, etc. and Irregular sleep (since your shows aren't always on at 1pm).

What people would suggest is to take time out of the 5 hours of TV time and go for a jog or do some push-ups. Maybe you can combine both TV and exercise by getting an exercise video or watching an appropriate show at the time. You could also take some time out to go socialize with other people.

So feel free to spend some time in front of the magic box and just remember get up and stretch your legs every now and again, you might regret not doing it!

Safety, not just on the internet

If you think of the word 'Safety', what comes to mind? Maybe you think Safety against a burglar, or someone that wants to kill you, or something along those lines. Others might think Safety against Sickness and bad health. Some people will think Safety against Viruses and hackers and such things.

Although each person thinks of safety in a different way, we should all probably take better precautions in different areas. My mother taught me to always 'Buckle up and lock your doors' and she'd say it so fast that it would seem like a new word.

Some of us need an anti-virus system, like 'Avast!' or Norton to keep us safe from Trojan Horse Viruses and Malware. Others can see viruses from a mile away and don't get them in the first place. Others need to remember to put their safety belt on before starting the car. People say 'I don't need a safety belt because I can drive well and I won't crash my car into a tree' but what they don't think of is that drunk idiot who thinks it's a good idea to drive at 12am after Drinking so much that he can't tell you who his wife is. If you meet that guy while driving down the road, it doesn't matter how well you drive, he can still hit you at 100 KM/H and send you flying out the front window.

Another thing to address is that there are many hoaxes and such running around the internet, including Facebook. Although they try to make people more careful, it isn't always a true story. There's an old story about if a friend sends you a link and says 'Look at the new Facebook', don't click the link, because it takes you to a site that hijacks your Facebook account and sends the same message to other Facebook users on your friends list. That story is completely false. There are no hackers taking over your account using a hacked website. However, the people that started that story only did it to keep people safe from being hacked and tried to make people more cautious, in case someone else sends a real hacked link or such.

I once ran into an app that takes over your personal messages and sends some people on your friends list a message and a link to the same app. All it does that attracts people is to say that it will tell you who has a crush on you, it only picks 2 random people from your friends list.

In other terms of safety, always keep your door locked and your eyes open. If you so much as let your guard down for 2 minutes in an unsafe location, you could be mugged.

Stay safe and thanks for reading!